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Optical shop Maja Prague

Optika Maja Praha servis

We are a Prague optical shop with tradition, individual approach and experienced team of professionals. We offer highquality custom-made designer eyeglasses at a reasonable price and prescription or nonprescription optical glasses.

Optical shop Maja Prague is the right place to choose your glasses, our opticians can help you choose the glasses you really need.

Optical shop Maja Prague :

prescription glasses and spectacle lenses, sunglasses and sports glasses

optometry eye test free of charge, refractive eye errors (sight), contact lens application

Optical shop Maja Prague always offers more

glasses, contact lenses – special offers, discount vouchers

Optical shop Maja Prague provides:

we stand by you – Services, customer service, consultations 

Optometry including obtaining a prescription for glasses for the utilization of benefits (discounts for clients with health insurance)

consultations – eye defects (hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism)

Optical shop Maya online – buy, choose contact lenses, eyeglasses online

Optical shop Maja Prague will help you with the following:

types of spectacle frameseyeglasses and face shapehow to choose eyeglasses,

headaches and watering eyes, laser eye surgerywrinkles around the eyes

after sales service, eyeglasses repair, home delivery, special delivery, credit cards, gift vouchers and ticket benefits…

Special offers, discount, glasses on sale

News in the Optical shop Praguenews and interesting facts from the world of ophthalmic optics

Custom-made glasses – individually made ​​according to your defects and other parameters, habits, ideas and style

100% low price guarantee on glasses in the Optical shop Maja Prague

cheap glasses low price guarantee

cheap glasses low price guarantee

Prescription glasses and non-prescription clear stylish glasses

luxury designer prescription glasses and sunglasses:

Guess, MEXX, Lacoste, Kenzo, Ray Ban, Levis, Esprit, Gant, Puma, Oakley, RipCurl

Retro wayfarer sunglasses – be IN, buy stylish, timeless and retro glasses

Multifocal glasses one pair of glasses for reading, computer and also for distance if necessary

Spectacle lenses (spectacle glasses) – antiglare, thin, photochromic, polarized

Sunglasses – ordinary sunglasses, prescription sunglasses for the city and the mountains

Polarized sunglasses – you will not miss anything, you will see better even if you normally do not need glasses

Sport sunglasses – specialized for your sport, they can be prescription including curved ones

Contact lenses – contact lenses monthly, daily, contact lens solutions and eye drops

Optical shop Maja Prague accessories – glasses cases, spray and anti-fog cleaners

cheap reading glasses, working glasses, distance glasses, glasses for the cinema and driving

We accept Flexi Pass, Unišek, Ticket Benefits Multi vouchers

Unišek, Sodexo Flexi Pass, Edenred  Ticket Benefits?

Sodexo Flexi Pass, Edenred Ticket Benefits Multi, Unišek vouchers

Optical shop Prague is not only Fokus optik, Grand Optical, Eiffel optic

visit the Optical shop Maja Prague – long term tradition, individual approach

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